Ravensdale Murder Charge Filed

This case was filed this morning by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The charges are:

  • Murder in the Second Degree
  • Arson in the Second Degree
  • Possession of Stolen Vehicle (two counts)

From the public charging documents:

The State requests bail set in the amount of $4,000,000.00, as the defendant poses a significant danger to the safety of the community, as well as a substantial flight risk. The State is also concerned that, should the defendant have the opportunity, he would continue to interfere in the administration of justice. After the defendant used a full-sized Dodge pickup truck as a murder weapon, running down the victim as he fled the incident scene, he set the truck on fire in the hope of destroying its evidentiary value. The fact that the defendant took these catastrophic steps in order to avoid capture for possessing stolen vehicles illustrates the extraordinary danger he would pose to the safety of the community if he were allowed to remain out of custody while this case is pending.

We appreciate the work of the King County Sheriff’s Office on this investigation.

The post is not expected to be updated. For case updates, go to the KC Script Portal and view case number 23–1–03946–3.