Felony Charges in Multi-City Assault, Eluding Police Case


Earlier this week, King County Prosecutors rush-filed filed multiple felony charges against the defendant in this case.

Charges include: Assault In The Second Degree, Attempting To Elude A Pursuing Police Vehicle, Possession Of Stolen Vehicle, Malicious Mischief In The First Degree, Malicious Mischief In The First Degree, and Assault In The Second Degree.

Photo credit: Bellevue Police Department

From the public charging documents:

“In this case, the defendant was contacted by Bellevue Police officers
who saw him getting into the driver’s seat of a stolen car. Bellevue Police officers staged their cars around the defendant to detain him. The defendant did not comply and proceeded to ram the officers’ cars with the stolen car he was in. He also struck the car parked behind him as he moved forward and backward. The defendant then drove out of the parking lot where he was detained and proceeded to drive recklessly at high speeds, weaving in and out of traffic and onto sidewalks and the shoulder from Factoria to Issaquah on I-90. He pulled off of I-90 in Issaquah and narrowly avoided striking an Issaquah Police officer who had put out spike strips to stop the defendant. The defendant got back on I-90 and continued to North Bend where he crashed the original stolen car he was driving in and took another car. The defendant then continued to drive at excessive speeds on the road, drive on the shoulders and weave in and out of traffic, and at
times drive the wrong way on roads to elude law enforcement. The defendant’s actions endangered the lives of law enforcement officers who attempted to stop him as well as the lives of everyone who was on the road with his reckless and dangerous driving.”

At first appearance, King County Prosecutors requested $750k. As of this writing the defendant remains in custody.

We are grateful for the work of law enforcement in this case; Bellevue Police with assistance from the Washington State Patrol, Issaquah Police Department, Snoqualmie Police Department, and King County Sheriff.

The post is not expected to be updated. For case updates, go to the KC Script Portal and view case numbers 24–1–00989–9.