Felony Charges Following Pipe Bomb Investigation

This afternoon, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged the man arrested in connection to a Seattle pipe bomb investigation with:

  • Possession Of Explosive Device
  • Malicious Placement Of An Explosive In The Second Degree
The device recovered December 29 by Seattle Police. King County prosecutors rush filed felony charges January 3. (SPD photo)

King County prosecutors argued that he should be held on $350,000 bail because of the danger to the community. A judge agreed on the bail amount.

From the public charging documents:

“In the present case, the defendant is seen on surveillance video placing a pipe bomb in a parking garage at 918 S. Horton Street. Businesses, trails, and transit are nearby that location — if the bomb had gone off, people could have been seriously injured or killed. Employees found the bomb while sweeping the garage of trash. Law enforcement testing of the bomb revealed it was an actual explosive device capable of deploying. The defendant admitted to being at the location and was the only one in the area of the pipe bomb caught on the surveillance video.”

Prior to his arrest on Thursday, King County prosecutors filed three separate felony cases involving the defendant and argued against his release in each case.

This blog post, submitted on January 3, is not expected to be updated moving forward.