Charges filed in Bellevue identity theft investigation

Detectives said they watched both suspects get into a red Dodge Challenger and learned it was recently purchased. The dealership identified a photo of one of the suspects, saying he bought the Challenger with a different name and a counterfeit ID, investigators sad. (BPD photo)

Two Detroit men who police said stole multiple identities and falsified IDs that allowed them to open credit lines, purchase a $64,000 Dodge Challenger, a gold bracelet and other items, were charged April 28 with multiple felonies.

Bellevue Police outlined their investigation on their website. One of the defendants is facing 12 counts, including nine counts of identity theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and possessing stolen property. The other is facing four counts, including two counts of identity theft and possessing stolen property.

One of the defendants appeared to have warrants in Minnesota, Michigan and South Carolina when charges were filed in King County. He also has convictions in seven states.

The other defendant, who police said was found with a card encoder that would enable him to both easily steal credit card information and create working counterfeit credit cards, has convictions in three other states.

Both remain in the King County Jail on bail. Their arraignment, where the defendants enter a plea, is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. May 12 in the King County Courthouse.

This summary, posted the afternoon of April 29, 2021, is not expected to be updated. Additional updates can be found through the Electronic Court Records system using case numbers 21–1–00245–8 and 21–1–00244–0.

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