Charges filed by the KCPAO: Thursday, Sept. 22


The overwhelming majority of criminal cases filed daily by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office don’t receive public attention. That’s not the fault of the public or news reporters — it’s understandable with the volume of felony cases we file each day.

The KCPAO is sharing the number of adult cases filed each day and additional details about a handful of specific cases to highlight the kinds of cases we handle. Details below are from the public charging documents.

Charges filed by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: Thursday, Sept. 22

  • Assault In The Second Degree — Domestic Violence (4 charges)
  • Assault In The Third Degree (3 charges)
  • Assault In The Fourth Degree (1 charge)
  • Attempted Identity Theft in the First Degree (1 charge)
  • Attempted Theft Of Motor Vehicle (1 charge)
  • Attempting To Elude A Pursuing Police Vehicle (1 charge)
  • Commercial Sexual Abuse Of A Minor (1 charge)
  • Communication With A Minor For Immoral Purposes (1 charge)
  • Dealing in Depictions of Minor Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct in the First Degree (1 charge)
  • Felony Harassment (2 charges)
  • Felony Stalking (1 charge)
  • Hit And Run (1 charge)
  • Malicious Mischief In The First Degree (1 charge)
  • Obstructing A Law Enforcement Officer (1 charge)
  • Possession of Depictions of Minor Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct in the First Degree (1 charge)
  • Possession Of Stolen Vehicle (4 charges)
  • Rape of a Child in the Third Degree (1 charge)
  • Residential Burglary (1 charge)
  • Robbery In The Second Degree (1 charge)
  • Theft In The First Degree (1 charge)
  • Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (6 charges: possession with intent — meth x2; possession with intent — fentanyl x2; possession with intent — heroin; meth delivery)


Possession of Stolen Vehicle x2

A Seattle Police officer observed the defendant loading a motorcycle with no plates into a black Mazda that also did not have a front plate near an encampment. When the defendant saw the officer, he immediately tried to close the back hatch and walked to the front of the vehicle, attempting to start it. The defendant abandoned the car and fled on foot and ignored the officer’s commands. Post Miranda, the defendant admitted he stole the Mazda because he found the keys inside the vehicle and that the motorcycle was also stolen. The defendant made a lot of statements to officers seemingly wanting to make a deal in order to be released. Both vehicles were confirmed stolen. The KCPAO asked a judge to hold him in jail on $15,000 bail.


Malicious Mischief in the First Degree

The defendant threw a piece of asphalt against a Seattle firehouse door and double-pane window causing more than $8,000 damage. The asphalt piece was roughly 5 inches by 5 inches.


Possession of Stolen Vehicle

Attempting to Elude a Pursuing Police Vehicle

Hit and Run

Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer

Law enforcement was dispatched to a possible vehicle prowl at the Park and Ride in Bothell. Officers arrived and witnessed the defendant driving away in the vehicle described over dispatch. Officers activated lights and sirens, and the defendant drove at high rate of speed through downtown Bothell, running through stop signs and endangering the public. The vehicle the defendant was driving was found smoking and stationary on the street after hitting a power line pole. The truck had a punched ignition. Witnesses pointed officers to the Bothell Landing Park where the defendant was seen running in into the woods to hide from officers. The defendant was eventually arrested and had a shaved key on his person. The KCPAO argued at the defendant’s first appearance that he should be held on $20,000 bail. The first appearance judge set bail at $7,500, and because prosecutors didn’t have the ability to re-argue bail we asked for that amount to be maintained.

These case summaries, which were posted Sept. 24, 2022, are not expected to be updated. To see additional details in each case, go to the KC-Script Portal.



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