Charges filed by the KCPAO: Thursday, Sept. 15

The overwhelming majority of criminal case filed daily by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office don’t receive public attention. That’s not the fault of the public or news reporters — it’s understandable with the volume of felony cases we file each day.

The KCPAO is sharing the number of adult cases filed each day and additional details about a handful of specific cases to highlight the kinds of cases we handle. Details below are from the public charging documents.

Charges filed by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: Thursday, Sept. 15

  • Assault In The Second Degree (2 charges)
  • Assault In The Third Degree (2 charges)
  • Burglary In The First Degree (1 charge)
  • Burglary In The Second Degree (2 charges)
  • Custodial Assault (1 charge)
  • Domestic Violence Felony Violation Of A Court Order (1 charge)
  • Felony Stalking (1 charge)
  • Fraudulent Insurance Claim — Felony (1 charge)
  • Organized Retail Theft In The First Degree (5 charges)
  • Possession Of Stolen Vehicle (1 charge)
  • Residential Burglary (2 charges)
  • Robbery In The First Degree (1 charge)
  • Robbery In The Second Degree (2 charges)
  • Theft In The First Degree (1 charge)
  • Theft Of Motor Vehicle (1 charge)
  • Unlawful Possession Of Payment Instruments (1 charge)
  • Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (1 charge: possession with intent — fentanyl)



Burglary In The Second Degree (two defendants)

1265 South Main Street in Seattle, WA is currently under construction. On September 12, 2022, the general contractor arrived to find the door forced open and he heard drilling sounds and something being dropped from inside. The building should have been unoccupied, so the contractor called 911. Seattle police entered and searched the building. They found significant damage to the interior and numerous holes cut in the wall. One of the defendants was found on the second floor behind a washing machine, holding an electric saw. He noted that another man was upstairs. That second defendant was found on the third floor, in room containing stripped copper wire stored in bags and many tools. A third suspect was found inside but officers could not attribute any intended crime inside the building to that suspect. Post-Miranda, the first defendant admitted to cutting wire and pipes from the walls and the second defendant confirmed the room with the wire and tools also contained his possessions. The general contractor estimated 50 pounds of wire was cut from the building, causing thousands in damage.


Assault In The Second Degree

The defendant and the victim live in the same North Seattle apartment building. The defendant believed the victim had taken his property, despite the victim’s denials. The defendant went to the victim’s apartment armed with a cane concealing a large 1–2-foot knife in the handle. After a few minutes of arguing over the victims’ denial, the defendant pulled out the knife and stabbed the victim in the chest. He then threatened to kill the victim in front of his girlfriend before fleeing the apartment. King County prosecutors are concerned the defendant will commit an additional violent offense if he remains out of custody, potentially using deadly force when he believes another has taken his property. The KCPAO requested the court issue a $100,000 warrant.


Assault In The Third Degree (2 charges)

Kent officers were dispatched to Safeway for the report of a man armed with a knife. They found him drinking a bottle of Jameson whiskey and a six pack of beer. Officers, who were worried about his level of alcohol consumption, walked him to a Puget Sound Fire gurney for involuntary commitment. The defendant turned combative and spit in the face of a firefighter and a police officer.

These case summaries, which were posted Sept. 18, 2022, are not expected to be updated. To see additional details in each case, go to the KC-Script Portal.



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