Charges filed by the KCPAO: Thursday, Aug. 18

The overwhelming majority of criminal cases filed daily by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office don’t receive public attention. That’s not the fault of the public or news reporters — it’s understandable with the volume of felony cases we file each day.

The KCPAO is sharing the number of adult cases filed each day and additional details about a handful of specific cases to highlight the kinds of cases we handle. Details below are from the public charging documents.

Charges filed by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: Thursday, Aug. 18:

· Assault In The Third Degree (1 charge)

· Assault In The Fourth Degree — Domestic Violence (1 charge)

· Attempted Theft Of Motor Vehicle (1 charge)

· Attempting To Elude A Pursuing Police Vehicle (1 charge)

· Being A Fugitive From Justice (1 charge)

· Communication With A Minor For Immoral Purposes (1 charge)

· Domestic Violence Felony Violation Of A Court Order (6 charges)

· Felony Physical Control While Under The Influence (1 charge)

· Hit And Run — Attended Vehicle (1 charge)

· Identity Theft in the Second Degree (1 charge)

· Possessing Stolen Property In The Second Degree (1 charge)

· Possession Of Stolen Vehicle (1 charge)

· Residential Burglary (2 charges)

· Robbery In The First Degree (1 charge)

· Theft In The First Degree (1 charge)

· Theft in the Second Degree (1 charge)

· Theft Of Motor Vehicle (1 charge)


Residential Burglary

The defendant’s actions give the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office great concern for community safety. In this Pioneer Square case, he was naked immediately before he attempted to grab at the victim’s chest; he then followed her into her apartment after she ran away from him, and he was physically shoved from the apartment by the victim and her boyfriend. This occurred a month after he was released by the Department of Corrections. This felony case was charged by the KCPAO’s High Priority Repeat Offender group.


Possessing Stolen Property in the Second Degree

Theft in the Second Degree (6 counts)

The defendant used her then-10-year-old-son to commit a series of thefts from numerous victims. The victims’ bank cards were used largely to purchase thousands of dollars worth of alcohol in the aggregate. This case was referred by Renton police to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in late June 2022, reviewed independently, and charged as a felony case. Police said in multiple incidents, victims’ purses were stolen from grocery carts.


Felony Physical Control While Under The Influence

On August 15, 2022, at approximately 6:13 pm, Seattle Police Department responded to a 911 call describing a female who appeared passed out in a vehicle that was blocking traffic. SPD officers arrived and located the vehicle stopped in the lane of travel in the 1400 block of 5th Avenue. An officer attempted to contact the defendant in the driver’s seat. Her vehicle was running, and the parking/emergency break was on. When the officer opened the door, the woman appeared somewhat confused, and she said she was waiting for a friend. After field sobriety tests showed signs of impairment, the defendant was arrested. She has three DUI convictions in the last 10 years. This case was initially sent to the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, but charged by the KCPAO as a felony with a $50,000 bail request — in addition to other DUI-related conditions — because of the defendant’s previous history.

These case summaries, which were posted Aug. 28, 2022, are not expected to be updated. To see additional details in each case, go to the KC-Script Portal.